Meditation for Couple's Relaxation

Meditation practice helps keeps couples calm and centred.

Meditation practice has long been known for numerous benefits inluding:

The list could go on.... However the message is: Meditation is good for you!!

Kindness and Compassion

"According to the latest science, true happiness comes from practicing compassion. It is when we help our fellow man, when we feel connected to the world, when we give expecting nothing in return, when we are kind just to be kind, and when we see people as "other-selves" instead of "others" — that life takes on meaning and purpose.

In fact, a brain imaging study by University of British Columbia researchers showed that, when we donate to charity, our brain's "pleasure center" lights up like the full moon on a clear night. Another University of San Diego study found that acts of kindness, generosity, and cooperation spread like wildfire to everyone nearby.

If spreading joy throughout the world wasn't enough, practicing compassion and kindness opens the door to a host of health benefits. Like what? From living longer, to alleviating anxiety, to lifting depression, to strengthening immunity, the list goes on.

It seems that the old saying "Give... and you shall receive" is anchored in truth."

Source: EOC Institute

Transcendental Meditation

Uploaded on Aug 12, 2009 David Lynch explains his understanding about consciousness, creativity and the brain. He says that Transcendental Meditation played crucial role in developing his consciousness and boosting his creativity.

There is a huge variety of meditation techniques and some people can become confused as to which technique is best or worry about - "Am I doing it right?"

There is no one way. There are numerous ways of approaching many things and meditation is no different. The most important thing is that it is a practice that you can do regularly and it works for you!!

The common denominator in most forms of meditation is singular focus.

This means that your focus will be on one sound (Om), one object (candle), one thought, the breath or one activity. Even surfing can be deemed as meditation if the focus is singularly on waiting for and riding the perfect wave and being at one with that wave.

Most people go about their day with their head disconnected from the rest of their body. An example is driving in peak hour traffic from point A to point B and having no recollection of how that happened because the mind was on the board meeting that happened yesterday. There is a disconnect of mind and body. Then we wonder why we feel so stressed!

The simple solution is to simply stay focused with your mind on whatever your body happens to be doing. This is relevant even if you are washing dishes. This is a simple idea and a little more complicated to carry through.

As humans born into western culture, we tend to be left brain orientated and think too much while our bodies are carrying out activities on auto-pilot. We miss out on a lot of life this way and it leads to stress and sleep disturbance when we can't turn the switch in our heads off.

So why not find some form of meditation that works for you and do it regularly to reap the benefits. There are many recorded guided meditations available to help the novice along and they are very effective.

There are many products available for download on the internet, iTunes Store or Google's Play Store.

Brainwave entrainment using binaural beats, isochronic beats or TBSW (Trilateral Balanced Sine Waves) are also very effective in managing stress, assisting whole brain balance, releasing endorphins, relieving pain and stress and inducing restful sleep.

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